About Taylor

Hi there! Thanks so much for checking out my food blog. My name is Taylor Maving I live in Naples, Florida with my husband Mitchell and our sons, Weston and Brooks. Being a mom of two young boys keeps me so busy, but finding time to cook actually helps me keep my sanity. I love to exercise so I need to eat healthy but filling meals because I am always so hungry from my workouts!

I have always loved to eat, growing up in an Italian family it was a constant discussion of what our next meal would be. I learned to cook with the help of my parents, my father is a huge fan of olive oil and garlic and has definitely passed that on to me, and my mother has exposed me to fine dining which has opened up my palette and imagination.

I like to make healthy, yet comforting meals. I love finding a recipe that inspires me. I can promise you that if put on your fancy apron, your favorite music, and pour yourself a glass of wine you will not be disappointed. Cheers!

14 thoughts on “About Taylor

  1. Angel Valby

    Taylor! I love what you’re doing! I think I’m going to use you as myn teacher for cooking! I am not even remotely close to being a cook and your step by step blog just may be my savior! Adam will be thrilled! 🙂

  2. Elizabeth Antolina

    Your uncle taught me the value and healing effects of organic and meatless. To this day, most of the basics for my recipes came from the wonderful years I spent with your family. I guess pathways in life leave imprints on your soul, as is often said. I still absolutely love to cook, talk about food etc….but I also have to maintain the balance of health and flavor. My best to you, and I love the lentil soup recipe!

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