Niagara Produce

Niagara Produce has been around since 1961. It’s located on the intersection of  Transit road and Millersport Highway in Lockport, NY. My friend Jess recently told me about the expansion of their store that just opened in the beginning of March. I buy a lot of fresh “organic” produce on a weekly basis and it can get very expensive as well as exhausting to try to determine if the quality of the produce is truly organic and wholesome. Just because something says organic that doesn’t necessarily mean its good for you. I had these organic apples from Wegman’s in my fridge and they literally look the same from the day I bought them, which was over a month ago. Listen to your common sense…its food, it should rot and have imperfections. Niagara Produce has a mixture of prepackaged and the real deal homegrown produce. I was blown away by their apples and carrots! They look just like the veggies from my dad’s garden; overgrown,bruised and beautiful. This store inspired me to start juicing again, I was able to buy 10 massively large carrots for $2.99. One of the main reasons I stopped juicing was cost. Niagara Produce has made juicing a reality again for me and that’s truly amazing. I walked away with an abundance of fresh produce and my bill was only $56.00; talk about a seriously successful Saturday! I highly recommend checking this fantastic local upscale farmer market out! unnamed (3) unnamed (4)unnamed (5)

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